Voluntary Consent

“Consent” signifies little more than an agreement to go along with something, perhaps with serious reservations or even a degree of trepidation. Consent can be given willingly or grudgingly, it makes no distinction. “Voluntarily” on the other hand implies a desires to do something. Voluntarily goes way beyond giving consent. The political ideology of voluntaryism,… Continue reading Voluntary Consent

Enclave My Asshole

Separate social enclaves, each stipulating mandatory adherence to a particular system of property dependent on territory, would create a scenario tantamount to private statism. If someone was born into a capitalist enclave then they'd have the choice of participating in capitalism or relocating elsewhere, away from their friends and family. Such a mindset bears frightening… Continue reading Enclave My Asshole

The One True God of Property

Capitalism's ideological basis for private property overcomplicates the capitalist worldview. The whole notion of self-ownership is inherently unsound, in that the self is inalienable in the first instance. Let's also distance anarchism from all that marxist guff about private vs personal property. There is only property. Likewise there exists no distinction between private and public… Continue reading The One True God of Property

Legalised Murder

Self interest is ultimately best served by social cohesion. If murder stopped being 'illegal' then I'd hazard a guess that the prevalence of murderers would not increase. Laws only exist in order to justify punishing those who would do the unconscionable regardless. In the absence of a state, how would this be any different?