False Equality

Cappies cynically spin a false narrative around equality.

Anarchism is fundamentally about us treating others the same way that we’d like to be treated ourselves.  The imperative for doing so is not threat of force but rather a desire for social cohesion.  Anarchy is governed primarily by respect, and force only comes into play should that respect breakdown.

Unless someone fields an army or possesses a stash of nukes, then what they deem their ‘right to X, Y, or Z’, is entirely dependent on other people granting them that courtesy.  The most basic courtesy of all, is not to attempt to acquire power over other people (by any means).  Anarchy is therefore equality of power, because in order to experience equality of freedom, there must first exist equality of power.

Cappies are steadfastly against equality of power.  Instead they seek a world where they’d be in the position to passively acquire power, in order to extract wealth from the labour of others, then justify that scenario on the grounds of “equality of opportunity”.  For this reason they never want to discuss “equality of power” or “equality of freedom”, and have instead created this false dichotomy of “equality of opportunity” vs “equality of outcome”.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that “equality of opportunity” is the right answer, simply because “equality of outcome”‘is patently utter nonsense.  The only people who even mention “equality of outcome” are capitalists.  Anarchists seek equality of power, because that is the prerequisite for equality of freedom.

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