First Dibs

Imagine that my 200 friends and I got together and decided on a set of rules, on the misconception that anarchy was “no rulers not no rules” and that imposing rules magically didn’t make us rulers.  Now lets say that one of those rules was “The Rule of First Dibs”, which basically mean that an individual gets to keep whatever they are the first one to touch and say “dibs this”.  It’s a truncated version of homesteading.

Second, let’s imagine that we also imposed a “The Rule of Heritable Dibs”, where when someone dies everything they’ve dibs on gets passed to their next of kin.

Third, let’s also imagine that we have “The Rule of Rule Making”, which states that whomever has dibs on something gets to make up rules about who gets to access it and how.

Finally, let’s imagine that immediately after informing you of these rules, my friends and I go and put first dibs on everything worth anything, even the ground we walk on.  Where does that leave you?

It leaves you with fuck all power.  Now my friends and I didn’t enforce any of this… yet.  We just stated it was how it was gonna be.  You are free to put that to the test if you want, but we suspect you won’t.

In order to have equality of power, all of us, you, my, my friends, your friends, everyone, would only have to undertake to treat each other as we ourselves would like to be treated.  That means not coercing people, ganging up against them, or making up bullshit rules intended to tip the balance of power.

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