Rights? Wrong

There are no ‘rights’ in anarchy.  A state is necessary to issue and enforce ‘rights’.  Living in anarchy revokes all your ‘rights’, although some people will doubtless retain their feelings of entitlement.

In the absence of a state, universal rights are merely wishful thinking.  Nobody has “a right to live”.  If someone honestly believes they do, then I’d like to hear them explain that to a great white shark, or a bolt of lighting.

If you want to enforce your own feelings of entitlement, then best get yourself a huge fuck off army.  If you want to impose some misguided ideology of universal ‘rights’ then form a state.

Anarchism is much simpler, it’s about us treating others the same way we’d like to be treated ourselves.  The imperative for doing so is not threat of force but rather the desire for social cohesion.  Anarchy is governed primarily by respect, and force only comes into play should respect breakdown.

Unless you field an army or possess a stash of nukes, then what you deem your ‘right to X, Y, or Z’, is entirely dependent on other people granting you that courtesy.  The most basic courtesy of all is not to attempt to acquire power over other people (by any means).  Anarchy is therefore equality of power, because in order to experience equality of freedom, there must also be equality of power.

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