Where’s the Rule?

Rules are the enemy of critical thought.  They dumb people down.  The state does not like critical thought.  Critical thought is dangerous.

I recently encountered a thread on a Facebook Group where anarchists are discussing how to determine whether or not somewhere is occupied.  People are actually seeking rules of thumb, like this was hard to figure out.

For anarchism to work we need to ditch this irrational dependence on rules.  I see the same thing in the workplace.  One of the earliest problems any collective faces, is a collective inability to solve dynamic problems.  Their solution is always to seek out rules, and since there are none, they enter paralyses.  “What’s the rule for finding the source of that leak”… next thing their almost fucking drowning, still helplessly asking for rules, splashing around trying to find someone to solve the problem for them, instead of searching for the source of the water itself.

Fuck rules.  Rules breed helpless imbeciles.  A collective only functions properly when they learn to think in the absence of rules.  The same extends outwards into society.

By all means sit around discussing what rules your state (that isn’t a state) is going to need in order to function, because if its populace aren’t trusted to think for themselves, then they won’t.  The biggest problem you’ll face, is all the trouble that breaks out over how the rules are interpreted… and the cynical exploitation of loopholes by those who can (inexplicably) think for themselves.  Then you’ll have to invent and enforce even more rules to deal with all that shit.

Guess what the end result is?  Go on, guess?

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