Divine Entitlement

Propertarians as those who believe that a concept described as property arises from the notion that they possess rights and entitlements, although the precise nature of these may assume several different forms, dependent on the belief system. This perception of divine entitlement may give rise to all sorts of funny ideas. Rules and laws emerge because rights advocates are cognisant of the unreasonableness inherent in their lines of thought, and seek to militate against any future dissent. The term for this is “rulership”.

Rights are a dangerous spook (and I do not use that term loosely). If anarchists are ever to become united then we must face up to the underlying nature of reality. In the case of ‘property’, it boils down to the following:

1. The respect of others for your occupancy, possession, or use of something.

2. In the absence of the above, force.

Let’s acknowledge that state of affairs, rather than contaminating anarchism with the spectre of propertarianism.

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