Talking Rulership

The concept of rulership, ruler, rule, and rules is absolutely central to anarchism. Those four words are clearly related and anarchists apply a strict interpretation. We contend that rulership is where a ruler enacts rule by the imposition of rules. A ruler is an individual or collective that has attained a position of social or… Continue reading Talking Rulership

Marxian Economics for Dummies

Capitalists and Marxists are both understandably confused about Karl Marx's position on the Labour Theory of Value. This might seem like mission impossible, but I'm going to attempt to explain the complete works of Karl Marx in just a few paragraphs, using mostly layman's terms ([may God help me]. This is likely going to offend… Continue reading Marxian Economics for Dummies

Law & Disorder

Self interest is ultimately best served by social cohesion.  If murder stopped being 'illegal' then I'd hazard a guess that the prevalence of murderers would not increase.  Laws only exist in order to justify punishing those who would do the unconscionable regardless. In the absence of a state, how would this be any different?

Work for ME!

Capitalists: WORK FOR ME! Anarchists: Individualists - work alongside me Mutualists - we could work for one another Syndicalists - come and work with us Collectivists - lets all work together Communists - everyone should work to the best of their ability


The root cause of the state, crime and taxation is so-called "private" stuff.  The thing with the term "private" is that it's either superfluous or insidious. For example: Property Private property Ownership Private ownership Individual Private individual Interests Private interests Anarchism does not reject notions of property, ownership, individualism, or interests per se.  Any issues… Continue reading Private