False Equality

Cappies cynically spin a false narrative around equality. Anarchism is fundamentally about us treating others the same way that we'd like to be treated ourselves.  The imperative for doing so is not threat of force but rather a desire for social cohesion.  Anarchy is governed primarily by respect, and force only comes into play should… Continue reading False Equality

First Dibs

Imagine that my 200 friends and I got together and decided on a set of rules, on the misconception that anarchy was "no rulers not no rules" and that imposing rules magically didn't make us rulers.  Now lets say that one of those rules was "The Rule of First Dibs", which basically mean that an… Continue reading First Dibs

Rights? Wrong

There are no 'rights' in anarchy.  A state is necessary to issue and enforce 'rights'.  Living in anarchy revokes all your 'rights', although some people will doubtless retain their feelings of entitlement. In the absence of a state, universal rights are merely wishful thinking.  Nobody has "a right to live".  If someone honestly believes they… Continue reading Rights? Wrong


Dialectic Theory of Value. The Labour Theory of Value originated with Adam Smith, not Karl Marx.  Marx critiqued and analysed it though.  The LTV is based on the premise that all value originates directly from the actions of labour.  This is the notion that marxists subscribe to. Most capitalists and marxists wrongly assume that surplus… Continue reading DTV

Birth of Pseudo Statism

As soon as people start imposing rules on society, they are also forced to precisely delineate the territory over which those rules apply.  They have in effect created a sovereign territory, a state.  Perhaps not along the lines of representative democracy, but a state nevertheless.


Principles are maintained only by the imperative of social cohesion.  Good ideas do not require force.  Problems arise in the present society because people abdicate their conscience to the rules.  People act is ways which are unreasonable because the rules are rigid creating scope to justify the unconscionable. People would be at liberty to violate… Continue reading Principles

Absence Of…

Anarchy isn't a specific form of rulership.  Neither is it chaos.  It's what society defaults to in the absence of rulership.  Delete our social programming and millions of years of evolution kick in.  We default to what best maintains social cohesion. Likewise occupancy & use isn't a specific form of property.  It's the absence of… Continue reading Absence Of…

Anarcho-Capitalism is…

A misguided mid 20th century attempt by advocates of the free market to increase their appeal to youth culture, by melding laissez-faire capitalism with individualist anarchism, culminating in an early 21st century shitposting culture dominated by hebephiles and nazi apologists.