Anarchism vs Voluntaryism

Anarchism, when stripped of any economic preference, is the absence of oppressive forms of domination.  In this context, domination would be where a third party wilfully and intentionally controls or otherwise limits someone's freedom to do as they choose.  In order for everyone to be free, we must each refrain from any notion of oppressing… Continue reading Anarchism vs Voluntaryism

Work for ME!

Capitalists: WORK FOR ME! Anarchists: Individualists - work alongside me Mutualists - we could work for one another Syndicalists - come and work with us Collectivists - lets all work together Communists - everyone should work to the best of their ability


The root cause of the state, crime and taxation is so-called "private" stuff.  The thing with the term "private" is that it's either superfluous or insidious. For example: Property Private property Ownership Private ownership Individual Private individual Interests Private interests Anarchism does not reject notions of property, ownership, individualism, or interests per se.  Any issues… Continue reading Private


For something to be hierarchal in the anarchist sense of the word, it must objectively exhibit three highly specific features: 1. Irrationally authoritarian in nature and vertical in conception. 2. Appointed rulership rather than elective (but not necessarily elected) leadership, meaning the layers above assign authority to the layers below. 3. It manifests as a… Continue reading Hierarchy

Straight Talking

Capitalists - here's a suggestion that would painlessly solve all our communication problems, and put us all on exactly the same page: Use the terms "individual", "custom", and "belonging" in place of "private", "norm", and "property". Anarchists have absolutely nothing against customs relating to individual belongings. At a single stroke the schism between anarchism and… Continue reading Straight Talking

Boo Hoo

Anarchists don't enforce people not to claim entitlement.  Anarchists simply refuse to respect entitlement.  Feel as entitled as you want, I'm not stopping you, but if someone comes along and bursts your bubble then tough shit.  If you want your feelings of entitlement to be protected then stick with the state, that's what it's designed… Continue reading Boo Hoo