Law & Disorder

Self interest is ultimately best served by social cohesion.  If murder stopped being 'illegal' then I'd hazard a guess that the prevalence of murderers would not increase.  Laws only exist in order to justify punishing those who would do the unconscionable regardless. In the absence of a state, how would this be any different?

Work for ME!

Capitalists: WORK FOR ME! Anarchists: Individualists - work alongside me Mutualists - we could work for one another Syndicalists - come and work with us Collectivists - lets all work together Communists - everyone should work to the best of their ability


The root cause of the state, crime and taxation is so-called "private" stuff.  The thing with the term "private" is that it's either superfluous or insidious. For example: Property Private property Ownership Private ownership Individual Private individual Interests Private interests Anarchism does not reject notions of property, ownership, individualism, or interests per se.  Any issues… Continue reading Private